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Since 1958 HOFFMANN Technics Corporation is a strong, dependable Swiss family enterprise with headquarters in St. Gallen and production plants in different locations. As motor manufacturers we act worldwide and offer individual solutions for business corporations, industrial companies and state enterprises. Swiss quality out of tradition.

Electric motors are our core business – for over 50 years. Efficiently and with lasting effect, we produce synchronous, asynchronous, low-voltage, high-voltage, slip-ring, DC-, three-phase, single-phase and gearbox motors.
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We move the future

HOFFMANN Technics Corporation stands for reliable impulse technology. To be one step ahead of the demands of the market, we invest in steady development, qualified staff and the most modern technology. Our maxim: Swiss high-class products to competitive prices.

Functionality without compromises

Quality does not originate by itself – quality is made. The flawless functioning of a complicated system stands in direct connection with the quality of every single used component. It is worthwhile to follow this high-class aspect on time. Use the high-class lead which an electric motor of HOFFMANN Technics Corporation offers you. 

The suitable drive

Our customers need electric motors which harmonize impeccably with the most different impulse components. In addition to our standard product palette, we offer a service for tailor-made electric motors – customized designs and modifications which correspond perfectly to all specific demands.

Smooth business

HOFFMANN Technics Corporation wants to be more than “just” a supplier for its customers. We see us as long-term partners, who want to share the responsibility of our customers’ projects. Our long-standing experience coupled with clear goals form the basis for our first-class impulse solutions. Our services stand for economic efficiency, reliability and availability. They include consultation, development of individual solutions, assembly, maintenance, servicing and spare part service.

A cooperation built on trust

As motor manufacturers we act worldwide and offer individual solutions for business corporations, industrial companies and state enterprises. Our customer circle encloses well-known enterprises from the most different business sectors. Who decides on products of HOFFMANN Technics Corporation knows, that this trust pays off.
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